Why the Grass is Always Greener with Artificial Turf

Are you tired of that summertime battle with the lawnmower when your garden has become an overgrown jungle, not to mention the trail of muddy footprints through your home? Well, artificial grass is the perfect solution for you.

The installation of artificial turf not only transforms your garden into a picture perfect outdoor living space, the practical benefits are huge.

To give you a taster of why artificial turf is a garden revolution, our team at BrookBirch Landscapes has compiled the top 5 advantages of artificial grass:

Easy Maintenance

No growing grass means more weeding, pesticides and fertilisers, no more watering and certainly no more use of heavy cumbersome lawnmowers and strimmers. Let’s face it, who really has the time in their busy schedules to tackle the dreaded chore of caring for their turf? While the installation of artificial grass is a great all-rounder, it’s perfect for older people and those with reduced mobility.

Child & Pet Friendly 

From crawling toddlers to free-spirited little ones, children can’t seem to get enough of playing in the garden. While trips and tumbles are inevitable, the installation of artificial grass dramatically safe-proofs your outdoor living space to ensure peace of mind. Not only does artificial turf offer a cushioned surface, it also means no more muddy hands, knees and feet.

Together with being child-friendly, artificial turf is completely pet-friendly too. Dogs and cats love the feel of artificial turf on their paws and while they don’t care about making a muddy mess, you certainly do, but fear not as artificial grass eliminates this. What’s more, solid waste is effortless to clean up and urine is easily absorbed through the turf’s perforated backing.


Do you often dread a rain downpour as you know that your garden will quickly become a sludge-filled swamp? The beauty of artificial grass is that it’s self-draining, meaning that your garden will no longer accumulate pools of water. Depending on the slope of your garden and factors such as being south facing, the use of ACO technology can also be combined.

 UV Protected

Unlike natural grass which yellows, wilts and weathers, artificial grass doesn’t fade under sunlight meaning that it stays a luscious green colour all year round. All of the artificial turf installed by BrookBirch Landscapes offers a maximum UV protection that has been proven and tested to exceed industry guidelines.

10-15 Year Warranty

Here at BrookBirch Landscapes we understand that the installation of artificial grass is a great home investment, which is why all of our artificial turf variations come with a 10-15 year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure peace of mind long into the future.

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Cheers to World Cocktail Day! Is your garden summer party ready?

So as BrookBirch Landscapes’ first official blog post, we thought we’d raise a glass to World Cocktail Day!

With the weather now heating up and the sun making an occasional appearance, it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden summer ready.

From BBQs and al fresco dining to garden parties and children’s play-dates, your garden is where all the fun takes place during the summer months.

Whether you want artificial grass, a revamped patio, a designated decking area, new fencing or a combination of all, here at BrookBirch Landscapes we can transform your tired and bland garden into an outdoor living space for all members of the family to enjoy.

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